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Trust is a word that needs no introduction! It applies to any business or website. Some people like to disguise themselves as popular names and try to scam people. To avoid such scams, one of the ways is to check their SSL certification. Thanks to the seofication platform and their "SSL Checker" tool now you can do that for free.


Advantages of SSL Checking:  

There are many advantages of SSL checking. Some of them are- 

1. Confidentiality: You can check the confidentiality of the website from the SSL.

2. Integrity: The integrity of any website can be validated.  Reliability: Because of the encryption, the reliability of the website will be enhanced.

3. Authentication: The websites do need some paper works to obtain the SSL certification. It can act as an authenticator!

4. Security: By considering all the mentioned points, the overall security and trust level will be top-level.


Process of using the "SSL Checker" tool:

1. Firstly, you need to enter the URL of the website into the box.

2. After that, solve the reCaptcha by clicking on "I'm not a Robot." 

3. Then, click on "Submit." The tool will start working and show you the detailed report from the tool. You will get information like: Server info, Chain details, certificate issuer, etc.


Final words:

For safety and peace of mind, use the "SSL Checker" before you start using any unsecured website. The seofication websiet makes sure you always receive a pleasant experience from the web!


SSL Checker

SSL Checker
A 100% Free SSL Checker Tool Online

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