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Certainly, the privacy policy for any website is important. It decides the various policies that are utilized by a specific website. Hiring an expert for crafting your website's privacy policy will cost you a lot. Therefore, if you use the "Privacy policy Generator" tool, powered by the seofication website, it will be a blessing for you. The website offers this service tool for ZERO charges.


How to use the "Privacy policy Generator" tool:

Step 1- Enter the "Website Details" correctly. You need to write down the "Your Company Name, Your Website Name, and your Website URL." After that, you need to click on "Continue to next step."


Step 2- This is the second step, where you again need to answer a few questions more as additional information. You need to answer the following questions by picking yes or no. Do you show advertising through Google AdSense on your website?, Do you show advertising from third parties? and Do you use cookies on your website? After that, click on "Generate."


Step 3- On this page, you can find your newly generated privacy policy. You may click on modify to rethink any of your questions or save them for future use. Additionally, you can save that privacy policy as HTML directly from the tool.



For any running and effective website, the privacy policy can help a lot to avoid troubles. Use the seofication website's "Privacy policy Generator" tool for freely generating your privacy policy. Thank the website later!


Privacy Policy Generator

Privacy Policy Generator
A 100% Free Privacy Policy Generator Tool Online

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