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For any website development process, the developer will need lots of images for testing purposes. Yet, the image can be subject to copyright. Therefore, the use of a dummy image will be a smart idea. Plus when they need images with specific resolutions, searching for them is a really tough job. Thankfully the seofication's Dummy Image placeholder generator tool will offer you great support. With the help of this tool, you should be able to create custom dummy images with intended resolutions.


Process of using the Dummy Image placeholder generator:

1. First, you need to enter the Image Size in Width x Height format.

2. Then you need to select the text and background colors as per your needs.

3. Next, you may also select the image format you need. You can pick from various formats like-minded JPEG, png, gif, and webp.

Finally, you can have the ready-made URL of your custom image. You can copy-paste that URL or download the image for future use.


Conclusion: The Dummy Image placeholder generator, powered by seofication will be a great aid and support for all website developers and general people. Start using the tool now.

Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

Dummy Image Placeholder Generator
A 100% Free Dummy Image Placeholder Generator Tool Online

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