CSR Decoder

The web is full of surprises. Here you can encounter fake websites, disguising as others. Therefore, to secure your data, you must check their CSR information. To review the SSL certification info, you need the "CSR Decoder" tool. The seofication website will offer this service for free! 


Significance of CSR Decoder:

CSR or "certificate signing request" code is used to see the promoted information and SSL certificate data. When you put a CSR value, the tool will decode the data and return the authenticity of the code.  



How do you use the CSR Decoder tool:

Step 1- Firstly, you need to copy and paste the "Certificate Signing Request (CSR)." 

Step 2- Then solve the reCaptcha by clicking on "I'm not a Robot." 

Step 3- Lastly, click on "Submit." The decoder will begin performing and present you with decoded information.


Note: Make sure the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is accurate, or you will receive this error- "Alert! Unable to parse Certificate Signing Request(CSR)!"


Final words:

SSL or "secure sockets layer" is the Protocol for web servers and browsers that authorises the validation, decryption or encryption of information sent over the Internet. This free "CSR Decoder" tool, powered by the seofication website will grant you the power to check that. Anyone and everyone should do so, before its too late.


CSR Decoder

CSR Decoder
A 100% Free CSR Decoder Tool Online

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