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In this fast era of the internet, we may not have the full potential of technology. Yet, we have to send or receive files through the internet. This is why compressing files is critical. The Check GZIP Compression tool, offered by the seofication platform will help check the compression level and the size before you even try downloading that. 



What is GZIP Compression?

It's a type of compression and decompression service that is used for sending files or receiving files through the internet. This technology is introduced by Mark Adler and Jean-loup Gailly as a replacement for existing compression tools. Its special Deflate algorithm will compress a file to the last level, thus the file can be easily transferable through the internet.


How to use the Check GZIP Compression tool:

1. Firstly, enter the file URL that you want to check.

2. Then solve the ReCaptcha by clicking on "I'm not a robot," and click on "Submit."

3. The report file will show you the compression ratio, compressed size and uncompressed size. You can use this tool for free and check any URL compression ratio too.


Final words:

Still, we sometimes face internet downtime or dead slow speed. Therefore, downloading any unknown-sized file is problematic in that case. It is why you need to use the Check GZIP Compression tool. You should thank the seofication platform for such a wonderful free tool.


Check GZIP compression

Check GZIP compression
A 100% Free Check GZIP compression Tool Online

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