Certificate Key Matcher

We don't store your Private Keys and CSR on our servers.

What to Check?

Certainly, you just don't trust anyone on the web. It can be a total scam or a fake website wanting your money. Thankfully, with the 'Certificate Key Matcher' tool offered by the seofication website, you can validate their data. You can check if a certificate and a private key match and also check if a CSR and a certificate match. It will give you peace of mind and actuality of safety.


Process of using the 'Certificate Key Matcher' tool:

Firstly, you need to select the purpose. You should select what to check. You can "check if a Certificate and a Private Key match" or "Check if a CSR and a Certificate match."


Next, paste your "Certificate Text" and paste Your Private Key if you want to check the first option. If you selected the second option, you need to enter the Paste Your CSR.


Lastly, solve the ReCaptcha by clicking on "I'm not a robot" and then click "Submit."


The tool will check and give you a positive result. If any of your given information is wrong, you will get an error like- "Alert! Unable to decode Certificate!"



With the 'Certificate Key Matcher' tool, you can check and validate other website's "Certificate and a Private Key match" or "Check if a CSR and a Certificate match." The seofication platform encourages safety and wellness for everyone!


Certificate Key Matcher

Certificate Key Matcher
A 100% Free Certificate Key Matcher Tool Online

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