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09/15/2022 12:00 AM by SEOfication in Video seo

Certainly, youtube dominates the online video playing world! Yet other strong players are not far behind. If you consider Dailymotion, it's technology and custom options that tempt the viewers. Although, for a new user, the SEO part for the Dailymotion video is always challenging. Don't worry; now you have DMoMatic in your hand!


What is DMoMatic?

The DMoMatic is syndication and SEO Embed generator software for the Dailymotion videos. With the help of DMoMatic, you can have thousands of backlinks with your Dailymotion video in a matter of moments. 


Why people use the Dailymotion platform:


1. Technology: Dailymotion uses adaptive HLS streaming, which delivers a flawless streaming experience to the audiences.


2. Robust video player: With strong technology and customizable player, you can enjoy adaptive HLS streaming with 360° videos.


3. 4K ready: Anyone can enjoy 4K video contents with a High Frame Rate, up to 60 fps. Nowadays, watching 2160p videos on a large screen or on your portable devices is a trending element.


4. Live streaming: You surely can enjoy the live streamings by your favorite creators. These creators also have a seamless experience doing so. 


5. Analytics: A creator can have detailed analytics for their videos and move with the inside information. 



Advantages of DMoMatic:

1. Easy process: The overall process is cleverly comfortable. It's a four-step process, that can be handled by anyone. You don't have to hire anyone for generating backlinks for your Dailymotion videos. Now you can do that yourself with our DMoMatic tool.


2. Direct linking: The smart API allows direct backlinking with your videos. Now you can have up to 1200 backlinks at once.


3. Anonymous use: You do not need to provide a user-id or password. You only need the public information of your Dailymotion video for generating these backlinks.




How to get the backlinks using DMoMatic:

As mentioned earlier, it's a four-step process.


Step 1: You need to enter the "Dailymotion Video Title" from your video. The video title can be modified as per your need.


Step 2: Now, you need to enter the "Dailymotion Video ID," which you can find on the official video URL. You need to visit the video manager page or video player window and copy the Video id from there.


Step 3: Decide how many backlinks you want. You can choose from 50, 100, 500, 700, 1000, and 1200. If you need 6000 backlinks for one of your Dailymotion videos, you can perform this procedure five times.


Step 4: Finally, click on 'Start backlinking.' It will start processing, and you can see the example backlinks on the preview page. You can click on any link and verify its authenticity.


Why should you use the DMoMatic:

Now you know how uncomplicated the process of creating backlinks with the DMoMatic tool! It is said that performing SEO is always formidable. Our DMoMatic proved the statement wrong in the aspect of backlink creation. The four-step process can also be used using a smartphone.



Finally, you as a video creator already have lots of issues in your mind. So, let us do the hard part for you. Our DMoMatic should act as your personal DailyMotion video syndication SEO embed generator software. What more do you desire!

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